Competition Between Animals

05/16/2010 13:58
Intraspecific Competition Competition between members of the same species. The Grey Island Fox is found on the Channel Islands and is extremely small in size. This is because when the animals first arrived at the islands; food, water and shelter were extremely important but scarce. As the Grey...

Symbiotic Relationships in Animals

05/12/2010 21:40
Mutualism - A symbiotic relationship where both organisms benefit in some way.  The Honey Bee, an insect that is found all over the world, including the chaparrals, goes from flower to flower collecting pollen. It benefits by getting pollen while the flowers benefit by getting their pollen...

Animals of the Chaparral

05/12/2010 21:05
The Coast Horned Lizard (Phrynosomatinae coronatum) This little reptile is found in California, and is a tan-brownish color with black blotches. It eats slow-moving, ground-dwelling insects like ants, spiders, and sowbugs. They lay about 10-30 eggs, and hatching is different for each individual...